I have added a wiki page about GHCi-GUI to the lensref GitHub wiki.



LGtk 0.8


lgtk-0.8 is out on HackageDB.

Lots of changes since the previously announced version, lgtk-0.5.3.

Main new features:

  • New GLFW backend – Gtk is not strictly needed any more for trying the demo!
  • Diagrams canvas with mouse and keyboard interaction support
  • Widget rendering in canvas — a standalone GUI is made with diagrams. Widgets are rendered on canvas from the same representation as for the Gtk backend.
  • Updated demo application. I will post a screencast soon.

Architectural changes:

  • Lens references splitted off to the separate package lensref which you can find also on HackageDB.
  • Switch from data-lens to Edward Kmett’s lens library
  • Repository moved to GitHub
  • Upgrade to work with GHC 8.2
  • Lots of inner changes

I would like to move forward with the development of lgtk. For this I need a somewhat bigger example. I would like to implement a GUI interface for an existing program which would be useful for non-Haskellers too. One possibility is to incrementally develop a GUI for imagemagick. What do you think?

I would like to involve others into the development too. I think lgtk is a good playground for FRP and GUI frameworks. I think that the best I can do is to write blog posts about how lgtk works currently, so I plan to do this. Also, I will attend to the Budapest Hackathon at the end of May and at ZuriHack a week later so let’s have some discussion about lgtk if we meet there.